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Treat every order with full profession and sincerity

We got order in July, the customer from Vietnam place d the purchase order directly to our company.Since this was our first cooperation,together with the PO,the customer sent a detailed specification with the model size,surface treatment and package requirement of the products.The customer is very professional and strict.We confirm all the details again before production.All seemed no problem.



We treat every customer an devery order with 100% profession and responsiblity.We check all the products 3 times during the production procedures.Soon the production would be finished,there was a model in the order seeming not normal.Our prodcution reponsible person,Mr.Liu said a data of the model was not correct,which had been confirmed with the customer before production.To ensure the data correct,we confirmed with the customer again.The reponse was that there was no error in the data.At that time, we can finish the prodution as the customers instruction,however Mr.Liu insisted that the data was incorrect.Mr Liu is an old worder in our factory for 21 years.He can make any sprockets at one glance,he also has rich experience of prodcuting sprockets for many countries and was familiar with the loacal market preference of the customer.So I confirmed with the customer again!I explained why we insisted the data was incorrect.Finally the customer found there was really a big mistake in the data,if not found,there would be big problem in selling after goods arrived.

The customer was very very grateful to us,but what we want to say is that this is our responsibility.As a manufacturer, every products sent out from our factory,will be in our responsiblity,we want the customer to be satisfided with the products after receiving them.Quality is the root of a manufacturer and sincerity is our best marketing methods.We will treat every order with 100% profession and sincerity.


Post time: Aug-25-2022