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Production and sales of our products

Motorcycle sprocket is an important part of motorcycle accessories and belongs to the range of precision parts. Its production requires high technical requirements. Precise data control and slight error will cause the product to be unusable.

The sprocket is divided into front wheel and rear wheel, which are used together with the chain to form the transmission system of the motorcycle, so the specification of the sprocket is closely related to the specification of its supporting chain.

Before starting production, we use CAD drawing technology to make detailed drawings for customers’ confirmation according to customers’ needs and descriptions. The data will be accurate to 0.01mm. After customers’ confirmation, we start production.

The main production steps are: cutting to round dishes, flattening, flower cutting, flattening, hobbing, trimming, heat treatment, sandblasting, galvanizing, marking and packaging. In addition, some production processes required by customers will also be added. For example, some models of sprockets need Recessed screw holes, shell digging or upper ring, and we will produce them in strict accordance with the requirements of customers.

The production of motorcycle sprockets has formed a huge industry in Renqiu City. Most of the factories were established in the last two decade, mainly with old-fashioned production equipment, and are labor-intensive industries, many enterprises have also begun to transform to a more automated production mode. For example, integrated stamping can simplify the original three processes into one process, which greatly saves costs, improves efficiency and brings customers a better purchase experience.

In the past, many factories only did production, and then cooperated with foreign trade companies to entrust them with export, because they did not have a professional export team to operate. This virtually increases the operating cost, thereby increasing the final price of the product. Our factory has a professional export business team, so that we can control the production, sales and transportation in our own hands, which not only saves the cost, reduces the product price in the terminal market, but also brings customers higher quality and timeliness assurance, and in case of problems.

Post time: Jun-27-2022