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How to develope and keep global customers

With the development of the global internet,more and more Chinese factories begin to do exportation of their products directly to foreign buyers,but not through trading companies.

What methods do you know to serach customers from overseas?

1.B2B platform.
This is the most common way to get contact with foreign buyers.
You first need to pay for the B2B paltform to get a store on it. The most popular B2B platforms are Alibaba,Globalsources and Made in China,exc.After you open a store on it, you can post your company products on the products page,then customer who is in need of your products will get your information from the website.The advantage is the customer attracted are very professional and purposeful.The disadvantage is the cost is competitve higher.

B2B platform1

2.Global sources by google, you can set up your website,and the operators of the Google company will push your products and keywords to the first pages of google search, then the people who are interested in your products will see your homepage of your website,after that you can talk with each other in details.
The advantage is that you can generally introduce your company to any part of the word,but the disadvantage is the focalization is not strong, and you need to spend long time to get a real buyer.But this is very useful to make your brand known all over the world.

B2B platform2

3.Other social app,such as facebook, ins,twitter and tiktok.
This is a new way which is popular within these few years.The app will allow you post both either words and pictures or short videos,you can share your products and individual life records as you like.This is free of charge so it is very welcomed by many small buyers and companies who need information from overseas.You can make friends, search for interesting things and of course make advertisement.This is very covenient.

B2B platform3

No matter what way you choose to serach customer, the most important is that you need to pay yout full attention to it and sieze the customer in time and track them regularly.

Post time: Oct-27-2022