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Motorcycle gear CG 125 TITAN (00) ESKSCARGO WITH RING – 428-44T (1045)

Short Description:

The motorcycle sprocket is divided into front sprocket and rear sprocket. As the transmission device of the motorcycle, it is used to drive the rear sprockets of the motorcycle through the chain.

Material: there are many kinds of rear sprocket materials. The most common ones in the market are 1023 and 1045, of which 1045 is a little higher in terms of hardness and tensile strength, and the relative price is also higher. The material of front speocket is mostly Front 20CrMn.

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Analysis of the 1045(S45C) material

C Si Mn Cr Ni Cu
0.42~0.50 0.17~0.37 0.50~0.80 ≤0.25 ≤0.30 ≤0.25

Hardness after quenching: 55-60HRC.
The quality is also better than the former. The motorcycle sprocket is a consumable and needs to be replaced regularly. The 1023 can be used for 15000-20000km, while the 1045 for 20000-30000km. In particular, the sprocket after heat treatment has higher hardness and longer service life.

Motorcycle gear CG 125
Motorcycle gear CG 125-1
Motorcycle gear CG 125-2
Motorcycle gear CG 125-3


Name Motorcycle gear CG 125 WITH RING
Material 1045
Model 428
Teeth 44T
Innner hole diameter 76mm
Root diameter 161.4mm
Out diameter 174.5mm
thickness 6-7mm
surface Galvanized or coated
Heat treatment High frequency quenching

Logo: Laser
Customization as your requirement.
Payment terms: 30%T/T prepayment, and the balance before shipment or against B/L copy.
Package: plastic bag+paper box + carton box or as your requirement.
1. Galvanized or zinc plated.
2. Chrome plating.
3. Eletrophoretic plating.
4. Sandblasting.
5. Dull polish.
6. Spray finishing.

Heat treatment: High frequency, quenching/ carburization, improve the hardness and tensile strength galvanize color-Zinc to rust protection.
1. If you have any inquiry about motorcycle sprocket, please kindly send your picture/drawing with detailed requirements, we can also develop your special designed product.
2. Provide OEM service, we can make logo on the product for the customer.
3.We will give you our competitive price for reference and satisfactory services.

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